Chengdu Shengnuo Biotechnology Co., Ltd., established in July 2001, is located in Dayi County, Chengdu City, with a registered capital of 60 million yuan. Its wholly-owned subsidiary is Chengdu shengnuo biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd. From the initial registered capital of 1 million, to the current total assets of 250 million, the company has achieved sound and rapid development. With "Chengdu polypeptide drug engineering technology research center", sinobio has passed the FDA certification of the United States, and has become a professional polypeptide drug and product development, technology transfer, technical services, large-scale production and export of peptide medicine industrial park.

       The company has participated in the national 11th five year plan major new drug creation project "Research on key technology of peptide chemical modification and industrial scale preparation". The project of "new anti heart failure drug nesiritide" funded by the national science and technology small and medium-sized enterprise technology innovation fund has entered the stage of clinical research. In 2010, the company obtained the special fund support from Sichuan Provincial Economic Commission for emerging industries to produce peptide drugs The above projects have completed the project construction content. It has more than 50 key technologies for large-scale production of polypeptide drugs and products that have been listed at home and abroad, and the single batch output can reach kg level; it also has international technologies such as large-scale production technology of thiocyclic peptide, large-scale production technology of carbon cyclic peptide, complex peptide technology, rapid synthesis technology of polypeptide.

       Mr. Wen Yongjun, the founder of the company, is the originator of thymopentin (heri) and thymosin α 1 with sales revenue of more than 500 million yuan in Hainan Zhonghe and the leader of the stable peptide drug R & D and production team. The company pays attention to the combination of learning and research, and has formed a close strategic partnership with Sichuan University, Lanzhou University, Jilin University, Academy of Military Sciences, organic Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Provincial Institute of drug control. It has successfully realized the industrialization transformation of multiple class I polypeptide new drugs for Chengdu Di'ao, Zhejiang Haizheng, Harbin pharmaceutical, Hainan Zhonghe, etc.

       The company cooperates closely with foreign pharmaceutical polypeptide industry, cooperates with a polypeptide production enterprise in India, and trains and guides the employees of Indian factory. The technology used is our own technology. We keep in touch with international peptide technology research units, and study the structure and function of biotechnological drugs from multiple angles and in-depth, so as to further apply them to practice Accumulate scientific data and lay a solid foundation.