The Wicks Nest Package

Paper Flower Wall
Flowers above Bed
Bedroom Decor.jpg
Paper Flower Wall
Flowers above Bed
Bedroom Decor.jpg

The Wicks Nest Package

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A beautiful arrangement of our Handmade Quality Paper Flowers. Proudly featured on @wicksnest. The feedback was so wonderful we added the exact package to our shop!

Your order includes:

1 - 18” Le Rosy
1 - 22” Magnolia
1 - 22” Gardenia
1 - 12” French Flowing Fleur
1 - 12” Camellia
3 - 6” Le Rosy 

All flowers are made with premium 100% Cotton Paper from France. 


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Each one has a little wire hook on the back so they can easily be hung just like hanging a picture on a wall. 

You can use:
- 3MM Damage Free Command Hooks
- Thumb Tacks
- Little Nails. 

You will be amazed how simple & easy they are to hang! 

NOTE: 6-week lead-time. Please contact us directly if you need sooner.