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Luxury Everlasting Arrangements

Our mission is to create luxury, everlasting beauty for your business or home. 


Eco Friendly 

  • Flowers are made using fine cotton paper from France
  • No water necessary
  • 100% Organic
  • Premium dried foliages from the earth  
  • Non toxic & no harsh dyes 


  • Aesthetically timeless
  • Eliminate maintenance labor 
  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Long lasting luxury 
  • Custom designed to fit any space & decor
  • Rare, eye-catching, handmade beauty


Our luxury arrangements are custom-designed for each client. We will work with your design team and other stakeholders to create a unique product for your home or business, from a single large centerpiece taking center stage in a dining room or foyer, to hundreds of smaller arrangements that can be placed in every room in a hotel.

We select the finest materials bringing your vision to life.


Our studio is based in Santa Barbara, CA. Local deliveries are available. At this time we do not ship our arrangements, however we do provide services within the USA & Internationally upon request. 

Let's Work together 

Phone: 949.294.9685